Express Burn CD-/DVD-/Blu-Ray-Brenner  v.4 42

Express Burn is a CD burning program lets you create and record audio and data CDs.With Express Burn you can record a data or audio discs quickly and easily by dragging the files you want onto the icon and clicking Burn CD.

Leawo Blu-ray Creator 2012  v.V4.0.0.2

Leawo Blu-ray Creator ist eines der besten DVD- und Blu-ray- Brennprogramme auf dem Market, um alle gängigen Videoformate auf Blu-ray Disks, auf DVDs, oder als ISO-Dateien, DVD- oder Blu-ray-Ordner für weitere Verwendungen zu brennen.


Alcatech BPM Studio Professional  v.

Featuring creative features like 19 remote controls, automatic gain controls, play-list management, and other goodies, as well as making life easier for DJs, BPM Studio Pro is a proficient application from all aspects.


BPM Studio is a truly smart, powerful and comprehensive software that offers all features you ever need to exhaust your creative potential as a DJ.

Feurio! CD-Writer  v.1 68

Feurio! is really multitasking: While burning a CD, the next CD can be read. If you have more than one CD-Rom, data can be read from multiple CDs at the same time; during reading the tracks already read can be edited. Feurio!

BPM Jukebox 2 Pro  v.2

ALCATECH's BPM JUKEBOX is a reasonably priced, reliable and easy-to-use music system for everyone. Its great advantage lies in its ability to play music permanently, making use of three straightforward play list modes (by artist, by genre,

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